About Us

'Zain International Laundry' Dry Cleaners is a Qatar owned enterprise that specialises in providing individual and corporate dry cleaning and laundry services. 'Zain International laundry' Dry Cleaners is a subsidiary Private Limited. The Company was founded on the principles of quality services that are convenient to its customers. The Company provides superior and hassle-free dry cleaning and laundry services in two forms that is walk-in at our depots throughout Qatar or pick-up and delivery services to the busy customers either at home or office. 'Zain International laundry' Dry Cleaners spent months researching, surveying, studying and planning before its officially due to launch. 'Zain International laundry' Dry Cleaners focuses on high quality services leaving clothing crispy and clean, thus exceeding the expectations of our customers.


To be the leading and trusted dry cleaning and laundry service provider throughout Qatar.


To satisfy our customers through high quality, 'Zain International laundry' dry cleaning and laundry services.

Our main points of distinction

  • Reasonable and Affordable Prices
  • Elevated Quality Cleaning
  • Convenient Service- Pick-up and delivery services
  • Quality & On-time assurance (same day service will be available)
  • Environmentally Friendly

Home Pickup Service

For Pick-up and Delivery service use one of our contact method to schedule your pick-up and delivery for and either be home to greet them or leave your laundry bag outside your door. Zain International Laundry will have separate bags for your regular laundry and dry-clean items for its regular customers. if you need your laundry ASAP, there’s a Rush Delivery option that will get you clean clothes in 24 hours or less for an additional charge.

Pick-up and delivery are absolutely FREE. However, to be eligible for this service the minimum required is QR30 worth of laundry or dry-cleaning material.

We can collect your laundry anytime between 9am to 11pm and can deliver your clean laundry back to you within 2 days at any time between 3pm-11pm (next day delivery or same day option also available).

  • Zain International Laundry Mobile App

    Open Zain International Laundry Mobile App, create an account with Zain International Laundry Mobile App. Schedule your pick-up and delivery for between, and either be home to greet them or leave your laundry bag outside your door.

  • Zain International Laundry Website

    Join online by completing the registration form located on our website. It takes less than 2 minutes. Once processed, you will receive an automated email welcoming you to 'Zain International laundry' Dry Cleaners with your own username and password. Login and submit your dry-cleaning needs.

  • Telephone Call

    Call 'Zain International laundry' on (+974 6614 4411) to book your pickup and delivery services.

  • WhatsApp Text

    Text 'Zain International laundry' with your location for pickup and delivery services.

Terms & Conditions for All services

  • In case of agreed damage, liability is limited to a sum not exceedingly ten times the charge of cleaning the article.
  • No claim will be entertained unless accompanied by the receipt.
  • Goods unclaimed after three months will be given to charity.
  • Owner’s risk- acceptance of goods at owner’s risk. These goods are received damaged prior to cleaning the garment/s is/are handed in for cleaning subject to the above notification. Garments are cleaned at owner’s risk and we are not responsible liable for any damage resulting from cleaning process due to the nature of fabric / texture.
  • Any extra charges for difficult clothing must be fully paid.

Customers will need to accept these Terms & Conditions when they register for Free Pick Up & Delivery.